Otto settembre il secondo giorno a Didcot la scoperta della citta' 

Buongiorno amici,quando l'otto settembre mi svegliai mi accorsi che la mia stanza era situata proprio in una tipica e graziosa casetta nel cuore di Didcot questa graziosa cittadina che sembra essere entrati nei Simpson o in Pulp Fiction,praticamente attraverso la strada e trovo di tutto un Sainsbury gigante dove fare la spesa in una stupenda piazza,un Aldi ed un Tesco gigantiCosta Caffe e Starbugs Cooffe' ancora mai andato,Mark&Spencer altro negozio di alimentari,Kaspo negozio di dolci bellissimo,barro lounge un pub gigante ottimi hanburger sono stato una sera con Giovanni,addirittura c'e' un H&M grande Clark Spark,Poundland,Wilko,due o tre banche,negozi di telefonia,elettrodomestici,negozi di materiali edili,computer,agenzie di lavoro ed immobiliari,ah dimenticavo c'e' Burger King la famosa catena ci sono stato una volta con un Amico appena arrivato,un Cinema,parrucchieri almeno dieci ne ho visti,ogni venerdi' fanno un mercatino,negozi di abbigliamento di scarpe,due o tre kebabbari un giorno sono stato ad uno,pizzerie che ancora non ho provato,insomma in questa cittadina ci sono piu' negozi che case credetemi senza esagerazione almeno centocinquanta attivita' una cittadina piccola ma con veramente tutto,una grande e moderna stazione dei treni ben collegata con Oxford e paesi vicini,e poi un'infinita' di casette tutte uguali immerse nel verde giardini senza cancelli ma piccole ringhiere di legno o ferro,da Londra per arrivare a Didcot ci avro' messo appena cinquanta minuti,
Mi sono ritrovato in un ambiente diverso dal mio paese catapultato in questo nuovo mondo che dire,Didcot e' tutto questo e tanto altro da scoprire ma come cittadina mi piace semplice ed ordinata tipico paesino Inglese.
Primo Impatto fu ottimo rimasi stupefatto dalla citta'


The day of Arrival
The first impact with Didcot

Hello everyone and welcome to this blog.
About a month earlier, I learned that on September 7th I was going to England, Didcot precisely. I didn't know where I was going, but I wanted to change, to get involved once again. That morning I packed the last bags trying not to forget anything. I made my last greetings, but with a heart full of expectations. I greeted my daughter, my mother, my father, my sister, my brother and every person dear to me that I had the opportunity to meet that morning. Of course I also greeted my Brown, the little dog with whom I had spent a wonderful summer. I hugged him thightly, but then I had to get into the car because my father was taking me to Brindisi airport for my flight. At the airport, I said goodbye to my father, made the various steps required to check in, then boarded the plane which took off at 3.30 pm. During the journey, unfortunately, I did not find someone to exchange few words, but after about two hours I found myself catapulted to “London Stansted”, the busiest or most important British airport. This is where my vicissitudes on British land began. I felt lost, I knew little English and went to the baggage claim, where fortunately I found mine immediately. Retired, all that remained was to head for London and then to reach Didcot. I didn't know whether to take the train or the bus. I was stuck, above all, due to my poor English which, unfortunately, I had never improved. Luckily i met Mirko, a very kind and nice Apulian boy who kept me company for a long time, but also helped me make decisions about what to do.
So I decided with his help to take the "National Express" bus that would take us to London. We chatted a lot on the bus, then the time came when Mirko should have got off. He had warned me earlier that he would get off two stops before me. We said goodbye after thanking him heartily for his kindness. Instead, I got off at Baker Street. I arrived at the Underground: the very famous Underground. I had to go towards Paddington. I went up and, once I arrived at my destination, out of the “tube”, I found myself in the beautiful Paddington railway station. I met some stuarts and, i tried to make them understand what I was trying in every way to explain my problem. Eventually they helped me get the ticket at an automatic ticket machine. After a wait of about a quarter of an hour or so, the train left and after about 40 minutes I arrived in Didcot. Two friends came to pick me up at the station. It was now 10.30; we had dinner and then they took me to my new home: a small house with a sloping roof; a beautiful room, with bathroom, an attic on the second floor, "very cool" overlooking the main street of the city. I happily greeted my friends and so I went to sleep. I was very lucky to meet Mirko, that nice guy I met at the airport. If I hadn't met him, most likely, I would have arrived the next day.

Thank you for visiting this blog (an emotion for me) and for reading my story. If you like it, leave a comment it will help me improve. I will also publish the translation so maybe you will correct my mistakes because it is from there that you learn everything in life.

With love ❤

Uncle Umberto

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