Otherwise I will never leave
" Coming Soon For Ever."

EscoAlBar .   & STOP

Poetry exists, Umberto Bruno resists. 
There love does not exist. Rock does not exist. 
Queen Elizabeth is not dead nor will she ever 
die as long as matter exists.

Another Way of Seeing Things.

Revolutionary Diary, of a Fugitive Italian Millionaire Pugliese Bari, Leccese, Resident Elsewhere. 
Self exiled to England, 7 September 2020

Umberto Bruno S.p.A. Made in Italy Make in England   UK ORIGINAL WORLD STORY & LOVE "StorieS"

I'll explain everything later, but I have to leave with the Platinum Team. This to which I write. 
I must necessarily start from this Woman, of course, the White Queen, the one from the Imaginary Film 
"The White Sheik" who "Didn't Want to Get Married". A film invented by the brothers Umberto Bruno 
and Alberto "Deaf" (Deaf = Currency in the dialect of my land Salento, a language called Salentino and
 I want to go back to Child, To Poetry, because Roca, It Doesn't Really Exist). 
I found the "Black Queen Bee" on the Tram of Desire of the Spanish director Pedro AlModovar,
 author and director of the film "All About My Mother", definitively on December 3, 2022, 
the date of the end of the film "Maia Bee UB For Ever so And that's enough, Maia Bee+L'Ape Maia 
 "The White Bee"  Doctor Valeria Ladino Born in Lecce 1981.  The Black Bee "M Marta" "KenYa 
"Bus Driver of the Year." Kenya ... Africa, (CarMelo D'Africa, existed in my follies of millions 
of flyers who punctually in my crazy bipolar moments, I spun in the "Marine of Melendugno"
 and in Salento in the summer, sometimes accompanied by billboards giant
 6 meters for 3 meters and also 12 meters for 3 meters.
This trip to England started with an African idea and ends with the Black Queen Bee. 
I dedicate this Multimedia Film Book to these Two Colors, Black and White,
 these two colors are enough to make Platinum 
and Psychoanalysis starts from here, then there will be Mathematics. 
The Ape Materia will be Valeria the Doctor. the Gentle Bee will be "M Martha". 
I would never like True Sincerity to end with everyone in this Definitive International Platinum Team
 where the Only Bee I meet in Reality is the Black Queen Bee, I wanted to call it that for a concept
 of Extraordinary Beauty of Selection . As the Negramaros say in the song "Summer". 
First Concept of Divulging the Italian Language and Learning the English Language for
 Those Who Don't Know It.
 T A P This Text! "T O  C C A This Written !" 
"OR 6 TOP OR SIX TOP"  By changing the order, the product of the result of the Letters does 
not change either Mathematically or Psychologically  but only in this Slogan. "o Sei ! o 6 ! 
 " Welcome to the First Chapter of the Preface of "An Italian In DidCot" Stanchi Ma Felici Self EXiled
 2020 Being To Be       Bee  Ape   "Bee" in Salento dialect"  Bere Drinking ! This is the Magical Story 
of Uncle Crodino and Red Bull Aunts. 
Because It "Gives You Wings" In Italian it is said "Ti Mette le Ali"


I'm Alive Anyway.       (Translate Italian)     Tanto Io sono Viva.

Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; Born 21 April 1926 I have been Queen of
 the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth Realms since 6 February 1952.
I have been Queen Regnant of 32 states up to now, and up to now I am Regnant in 15 Realms. 
My Reign, This Year Received Platinum Award The 70-year reign has so far been the longest of any 
British Monarch and the longest verified reign of any "Woman" Monarch in history.