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What was Chalgrove dear Mario?

Hello My name is not Mario dear friends, my real name is not another but many others, but this was naturally nice to receive from all of you residents and not from the Village. Actually I don't know why but when you call me by this name I have a thousand memories that start from the mind and reach the heart like butterflies throwing pearls at the world. I am very sad for the death of Donna Elisabetta, your, my recently Queen, I am regular since August 13th and your Government has accepted me .. I thank everyone for the kindness and availability you have offered to my person on several occasions , I have been a resident of Chalgrove since November 1, 2021, the day the What's App crashes around the world, but I experienced the first 8 days in the car something that had never happened to me before in my life and that I will tell you later, I worked with the Miller Homes Shipyard Team which was the first shipyard where they brought me to work as a Laborer. I met special people there such as Mr. Manager Alan Sharp at that time, my later Supervisor Dave Smith with whom we were almost brothers for 10 months from June 2021 to February thanks to whom I learned many things about the management of large construction sites thanks also to the trust that the Manager gave me, but I had worked on it from October 2020 to February already on that construction site with the Company of Bricklayers MountStuart and with all the guys who were part of it where I also learned the job of Hod Carrier. Even in MountStuart I found myself well, they paid me very well, superlatively, even with them I never had problems, if not for some videos of my records that I did on site, but they did not know me, they also fired me, but after 15 days I they did return, of course it's normal, I didn't even make videos anymore, indeed no, I made more but not my records, I made them of Construction sites photos and videos of houses and places that I was able to meet in my experience with my Brothers and Comrades Augustin Inzaghi, Anton Van Basten and Mihai Franco Baresi, Very Bad Romanian Masons, we were the number 1 on all Cantieriu throughout the OxfordShiRE, only to put up with me were Super Heroes and not BrickLayers. made on the occasion of the 15th birthday of my daughter Perla Benedetta whom I have not seen since 7 September 2020 and I have not heard since May 2021, but she does not know my true story here unfortunately, even if she is every day with My Mom and My Sister, unfortunately I have do vuto keep everything inside me, there have been very few messages even recently exchanged with positive responses, today, maybe I will be able to hear it. Good Vision, if you want to read an Italian story of Miracles and Curses, this is the right place.


Who Was UBM10 ?

But who was UBM10, where did it come from,
 what it did, what it is doing.

Il nostro negozio

in construction to work and be a protagonist and known by everyone since my arrival in October 2020, 
it was the first Shipyard and I only knew a few words of English, but Miracles happened in that yard, 
I met for the first time, Albanians, Romanians, Indians, Moldavians, Lithuanians, Cubans, Brazilians
 and then Obviously the Original English Best in The World. In that construction site I felt at home
 for different reasons I dreamed and worked much more than everyone, as well as physically more with
 my mind, I made the Mac buckets fly and the Bricks more, indisputably I was the fastest and then
 they also elected me in charge of the Silos and all hell happened to them. A Friend told me that 
the Manager was a very tough guy, and I replied, I am too. From that moment I began to consider the
 Opportunity problems. I had to manage the preparation and Logistics of the Mac, even there I was the 
fastest, but especially when it crashed I was a missile in disassembling the propeller
 and restarting it. I worked and worked without even looking at my earnings, 
I played football and those Silos became for Me, The two Sisters like the two Big Stones
 of the Beach of my Municipality Melendugno in Southern Italy Puglia Region, in the Far East Lembo 
of Italy in a Magical land called Salento, I attach below a video shot by one of the greatest 
photographers and directors of my land, Oreste Walter Ferriero to present the territory and the
 municipality in which I grew up until 6 September 2020, the day before my departure.



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La Poesia, Pablo Neruda EscoAlBar.

Everyone was in England, from our beloved Chiara 
Ferragni to FedEX, even Flavio Briatore,
and Robert and Mario De Niro we want
to talk about it, with Vasco Rossi and Sofi Tukker
we traveled great in WoMen WM&WM WMWC.
We Are in InDilTerra.
What Was Poetry, where it was, what was done,
who was there, and Much More.

What was Poetry, where it was, 
what was done,
 how it was, who was there.
 And much more.
I Go Out To The Bar InDilTerra and Buddha Bar,
Salgo Al Bar. EscoAlBar.


UBM10 We CoMMand

Labourer Of The Year
PlatinuM Story 

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World Wide Web 

Umberto Bruno Collection

Italian Wood Craftsman.
Unique Luxury Items.
UB81  Pearls&Jewels

Goldsmith Artisan Line Processing Stones, Pearls and Metals.
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The Fantastic Journey 
to Argentina.
Buenos Aires Buenos Aires.
An Italian In DidCot.
All Fault Of Professor Carlo.
Mr. M Il Signor M.
Territorial Dissemination Promotion Projects,
" Only Quality Salento "
"La Regina ElisaBeTTa"
The Queen Elisabeth

" ElisaBeDDra"

Original World 
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