Mr. M   Il Signor M !

You Are WelcoMe M Martha. Hello, I'm the Italian of the Bus ! 
And you're on a private page where
 I start to tell you a few things slowly.

I Introduce Myself

My real name is CarMelo Rizzo, I come from a city called Lecce, the last one in southern Italy in a Region called Apulia.I've been in England since 7 September 2020 and haven't been back to Italy since that day. I was born on May 1, 1981, the day of the Italian National Labor Day.  
Everything has an important detail friend in what I write, I don't like sending you messages, you could drive, and then I don't know your private life.    
Here in OxFordShire, i have a very important story to write, which i will subsequently try to create the screenplay for a film on the history of Bricklayers compared to italian buildings.
I am a very wealthy person, I come from a huge family of builders in Italy and I will later attach some of my videos on television.

WM&WM WoMen IMage CoMMunication 

In-depth study of the Image, applied to graphics and photography. MaraDona Mother Deus Manu Chao.
I'm writing a documentary on Italian and international cinema.
 Behind all this there are Online Businesses and Materials 
that I will show you with the Affiliate Web Franchising. 

I am creating International Magazines in various languages, 
but mainly in English,this Multimedia Documentary Film is Dedicated 
to the Director WiM Wenders and to the Film "Lisbon Story" 
a Very Beautiful film, and I have to find again, the Portuguese 
Singer Teresa Salgheiro. This Film was 
dedicated to the famous Italian Director Federico Fellini.
 And this name is linked to my Made In Italy 
Fashion Food Line that I am creating. Ora ti dico dei segreti su alcune Parole, 
WM&WM il significato del' segreto della  " Coca Cola " 
sta nel fatto che WM puo' avere due significati.
Web Master, e Web Marketing,


UBM10 Sport Movement BrickLayers Team

Apulia Puglia Region


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Puglia Italian Apulia English

Martha in Italian is called Marta. Queen EliZabeth is called Elizabeth. 
Apulia in English is the name of My Region.
 Important detail I attach video presentation. 
"Take Apuglia "          " Prendi la Puglia."

Energy Think DiFFerent Think Story

Puglia Italian Apulia English

Martha in Italian is called Marta. Queen EliZabeth is called Elizabeth.
Apulia in English is the name of My Region.
 Important detail I attach video presentation.
"Take Apuglia "         " Prendi la Puglia."
"     RedBull Gives You Wings 
It all starts with the Red Bull drink, which I had never drunk before coming to England.  
In Italy I used to drink, Solo una Magica Bibita, called CRODINO,
 part of the Campari Group, I think you know Campari Group. 
official website in English, Official website in Italian. "Official property of Gruppo Campari. I will elaborate later.
 However Apulia Gives You Wings."In detail the difference.

Info English Campary Group Wikipedia"
( All Domains you see are all owned by my company.)