The poor in South Saharan Africa who travel miles to find water are not poor in Africa, they are poor in our humanity.We are all responsible, then there are people of 90 who have millions of millions and continue to accumulate money and not we have the courage to tax them to tell them Enough! It is incredible these are the problems of the world of a world that does not have a governance.If we are not able to set goals to deal with the problems of the world and to face them making them our reason for living we put our own lives in danger.The phase of capitalism we are experiencing has brought progress, it has probably increased life expectancy by 40 years but at the same time it has ruined our life, it has stolen our time, it has transformed us in exchange we are all for sale.We invented a consumer society with the constant need to grow because if the economy does not grow it is a tragedy.We invented a mountain of consumption superfluous of superfluous needs we throw away we buy we throw away, but we do not understand that it is our life that we are wasting, because when I buy something or you buy something, we do not buy it with money we buy it with the time of life we ​​have spent to earn that money, with a clear difference the only thing you can't buy is life. Life runs out and it's terrible to waste your life to lose freedom. Life is too good to give it that way. little importance perhaps we have to wait for discontent to spread to realize the value of the simplest and most fundamental things in life.

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