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There is a Strange Man with a Mustache in Didcot in OxfordShire in the U.K. You always see him around here and there talking to so many people, always telling me good things, he is there since 7 September 2020 and there he always tells us about his adventures, his unbeatable records, his challenges, his victories, he always tells us secret things. He says he has friends everywhere, he talks about stadiums. precisely he who does not understand anything about football.He comes from Melendugno, a town of 10,000 inhabitants in Salento in Puglia, in southern Italy.We can tell you about him that it was not very normal, but often he opposed the Potenti, he had a reckless life, great experiences in construction, did a thousand secret things that we keep in this Radio.

I'm not understanding the Secret Story of Maia.
But not a lot of other things either.
In just seven months only good things happen to him, he told us all of the staff, to fly continuously, he lost 17 kg, we can't contact him, Gia 'for about four months he has been elected Laborer of the year, he says of to have worked so hard, and to have learned so many things, but his greatest love are the Stadiums.
Days ago many saw his film, we know he now has a car, we are seeing him whiz across OxfordShire perhaps even further. He jokes with everyone around and tells everyone about his wonderful days at the Miller Homes Shipyard in Chalgrove Meadow. He always tells us that he found himself very well with all the staff. Miller Homes and with E. V. Baggio and Sam Ronaldo have made good experiences and many goals in that construction site.In the last few months he has played in many other cities, Reading, Bambury, Swindon and two others that I can't remember the name. I mean, he's like that, as you see him,

he's good, but he's not very normal.

I am telling you then you           
Rebekka Smile

I can't tell you much about him, Maya the Bee informs me as I get some news from you every day.Anyway,
I illustrate dear listeners, the Bullshit that he tells me as a didcot on our secret What's App Group.

Sugar Sugar Fornaciari23 May 2013London Albert Hall... takes the Italian Baffo

It was May 23rd 2013 in UK I was a guest the next day at a big event that I was invited, in the morning I knew that Zucchero, my favorite singer, had to play there in that beautiful theater, so I got the tickets and went there. I obviously brought with me a plush Italian Baffetto, tricolor craftsmanship, a lot of Italian and foreign people wanted a shot with the Baffo Italiano Umberto Bruno. security guards did not let me pass, so at some point towards the end of the last piece Funky Rooster, Because of Chi Chi Chi, I imposed myself on the crowd and I managed to get ahead under him who looked, you could see it was the very end I had but a great fear of throwing that artisan mustache at him, in case you hadn't considered it, so twenty seconds before the end I threw it, I will never forget it landed on Sugar's chest and fell to the ground, he folded, took it, and raised it in the air for s to greet the audience, in the meantime I took a picture, and so he left holding my Mustache tightly to his chest. Thanks Sugar I hope one day you will remember me.

Umberto Bruno in Italy

He has been involved for 30 years in large real estate constructions, and other arts and crafts, but his great passion is communication in all its genres. He tells us that since he is in Didcot he flies every day. English is very good, I wouldn't say from his Videos. He is a great lover of travels and new discoveries, interior and exterior.
He has been present on this planet since May 1, 1881, since that day nothing has been understood, but we at Radio Didcot will soon tell you about his crazy exploits in Italy and then move on to his resurrection in Didcot.

The myth of the Umbertines.

An invention by Umberto Bruno to communicate well with people during events, to keep close contacts and relationships during events and parties and around his Lecce and province. It was a great success with Valeria, Leandra, Giulia and Angelica who is now an angel in heaven.This was the first evening with the participation of the Fashion One program.We turned the club upside down, we danced until dawn, we met a lot of people , billboards, flyers and thousands of photos with friends - that's what he always wanted at his parties.

Some products

The origins the first products

Aura Green Park London

That May 25, 2014 London Green Park "Aura Club" That Tricolor Baffetto aroused so much interest that S.p.A. he was invited to the British capital in the most important Club of the City which previously had hosted Madonna, Rhianna, Jay Z and all the London Star System. This event was wanted by Mr. Franco Carta who organized everything, he also brought as guests that evening , Ashleigh K, Poni and rapper Cream.It was a record-breaking evening the local Uncle Umberto made many new acquaintances, but above all given the resounding success of the evening, he realized something that made him look forward and never behind.

ICE ... evening at Fire

ICE another place very frequented by Umberto Bruno, also relied heavily on his Testimonial Valeria who always accompanied him around a little here and a little there, the evening was a scream with the participation of the greatest Marketing Director who I met Danilo Stefanelli, man of the world, the greatest expert in Marketing Image and Communication techniques, even here the mess was really a lot, we had a lot of fun and the emotions were endless.

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Urban Caffe 'Historical Center Lecce Salento Italy

  Rainy evening and who forgets it, this was also a beautiful stage of Umberto Bruno's journey, many were the participants in the event.A greeting to the legendary Staff Urban Caffe '


In Cursi then what to say, every Sunday there was the very famous Balla Italia, we used to go and have fun in this sweet place full of traditional Salentine goodness combined with excellent Cocktails. A young active and action staff directed by the owner Marco Greguccio.We had become regular guests by now, this is a piece of the New Year's Eve, a screaming evening not to be forgotten.

Presentation Melendugno Lecce-Salento-Italia

Where if not in Melendugno, birthplace of Umberto Bruno, who grew up among the streets, squares and the Friends of the country and then a great visitor to the summer of San Foca, Torre dell'Orso, Sant'Andrea. And Roca Vecchia where he made his mythical dives.Event dedicated to new products and the start of a great artistic collaboration with Luca Zampetti da Tolentino, in the creation of products dedicated to Italian cinema, so between the two the Once upon Sergio Leone project was born and together they retraced the two masterpieces of Italian Master Once upon a time in America "and" Once upon a time in the West "a perfect combination between Umberto and Luca, passionate about art and the protection of Made in Italy.


Always among the people Umberto Bruno also chose the Boogaloo for his events, where the Leccese University evening took place, the venue was beautiful and the Staff and the Owner were nice, even here there was no shortage of famous cards, posters, stickers, hundreds of photos and Many Many Emotions and Friendships.

UBM SportMovementTeam

In addition to the Social Club also in Sport in Melendugno Umberto Bruno invested in young people, one year there was a tournament at the Oratorio di Calcetto, twenty-four squadrons of lions. Umberto Bruno is not a great football fan so what to say. He chose some very good guys, he toured the country and looked for players for his team, he didn't care about the skill but the enthusiasm he wanted to convey, he wanted to win that tournament at all costs.He made a team of madmen like him and was called by his players President even if he called himself Coach, Motivator and curator of the Team's Marketing he always liked Umberto Bruno's movement. Conclusion of the story, everyone initially made fun of Uncle Umberto, but after the first game it became a spectacle it looked like San Siro, Melendugno Milan, everyone talked about Umberto's team even dogs, cats and walls, the games all full of people who came alone to see the madness of Umberto's magical technical choices there was such enthusiasm in that experience that they did not finish first, not even third on the podium, they did not even see it. They had much more, however, Team Revelation Award Best goalkeeper Daniele De Dominicis and a good fourth place out of twenty-four super aggressive superior teams with experience and athletically prepared. A better result could not be expected Umberto Bruno who also allergic his friendships and acquaintances, a simple event a country tournament that had a great participation, we wanted to keep this souvenir video made and edited at home, the photographs are by the legendary Francesco Calo ', the tournament ends at the semifinal and even with the smoke bombs that the fans of the team had bought, young and old alike were involved in this system of doing Sports and Communication while having fun. These are the little stories we like to tell.

A fun roundup of photos from the evening at the Urban