UMBERTO BRUNO was born in Melendugno in the beautiful province of Lecce on 01 May 1881.Determination, passionand experience marked the stages of its growth; a young company e modern that was able to transform an idea into a brand.The collections were entirely developed inhis laboratory and with the collaboration of business partners, model makers andunder his particular and careful super vision, he gave life to onefirst series of t-shirts.The history of the brand and its development were characterized by marketing and communication, as well as a series of events in many places, where acquaintances and friendships were established and new digital communication technologies and social networks.But Umberto Bruno had no limits with art, a lot to be created in collaboration with the artist Luca Zampetti, a line of sweaters and sweatshirts dedicated to Sergio Leone, the Great Italian Master of Spaghetti Western Cinema Umberto Bruno with Luca Zampetti creator of the images of the films "Once upon a time in the west" and "Once upon a time in America "created the" Once upon time Sergio Leone "collection.Umberto Bruno fascinated by fashion, art and lover of the mustache, he had started drawing many mustaches up to get to the creation of the final logo "il Baffo Italiano.Umberto Bruno created his first collection, which combining an intelligent mix of irreverent irony and refined Italian tailoring, combined with an obsessive attention to detail it represented the basis of a philosophy that gave life to a conceptunique called Umberto Bruno "another way of seeing things".The Umberto Bruno collections conquered a he published more and more, in line with his stylistic maturity they became more and more chic while maintaining that sexy allure and provocative inherent in the creative roots of the Italian brand evolution was due to the continuous international influences in how much Umberto Bruno was continuously around the world looking for the better than his ideas from which he drew inspiration, he divided himself around between various countries but I always create his collections in Italy "Born inItaly, living in Italy, Made in Italy ".




Umberto Bruno this was the name of the Italian brand that combined the renowned Italian tailoring tradition with new stylistic trends by offering a type of product dedicated to an Italian way of life made of good taste and simplicity.A fashion and refined sportwear of excellence, which turned its gaze to a specific category of buyers, aware of the high quality of the fabrics, of the manufacturing lines that this product offered.The whole process and all the raw materials used for each single garment, were entirely produced in Italy and highly appreciated by the admirers of this brand, also fascinated by the element that inspired the conception of that product ... the Mustache.The Mustache with its various shades, which can be aggressive and elegant at the same time, which makes you dream but at the same time brings you back to reality.As concrete was the reality of Umberto Bruno, which reflected 100% the true essence of Made in Italy in every component, from fabrics to yarn, from accessories to manufacturing.