A Free Choice,My Beautiful Life.

My name is Carmelo, the name of my Paternal Grandmother who passed away before my birth and I am proud of this name, I am from Melendugno a splendid tourist resort in Salento with SanFoca, Torre dell'Orso, Roca Vecchia, Sant'Andrea, and the small village. ..Borgagne one of the most beautiful in Italy and Torre Saracena, I was born in San Pietro Vernotico (Br) on May 1st of the year 1000 NovecentoOttantOne from a very modest family, my Father Giuseppe a little plumber, my Mother Valeria a housewife and helping Papa in the administration of the small company, sometimes even going to the post office to buy material, in short, a young couple who in the early eighties had a great desire to make it emerge grow improve, and so it was in those years Italy was still a country that if you had willpower and knew a profession it gave you the opportunity to get involved and create something great and in any case anyone who lived well there was a lot of work these were the years of economic growth of our country.

Passion Love Dedication Strength Constance Study Culture Sacrifice Graphics Logo Business Friend Affiliate Franchising Expert in just three words "Love Web Marketing ... this is me.
Labourer of  Web Marketing

For Ever Is One of My  Dreams.

Warrior of Web Marketing, an idea every three minutes that he marks on pieces of paper that he sticks to the wall, specialized consultant RelationShip Marketing, study and in-depth study and research Logo, image optimization research on the web, a person who lives Bread Water and Marketing, Marketing as a form of art the most important place the stage the first direct showcase on the world I do not work at all I make a serious selection, the idea must excite me and I invest in projects together with my client I do not sell websites, I take care brand image.
I hate social injustices, I am not democratic with the powerful.

With Love

Carmelo Rizzo

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Right now I am personally in the United Kingdom, where I am working for a very large construction company, I am studying construction techniques and organizational methods in the English yards for future projects, I started from scratch in this adventure but I am reaching important goals first learning English that I did not know, probing the business studying the entrepreneurial systems in a country outside Europe in short guys a great experience that is making me grow quickly.
Soon I'll tell you more.

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Agency RelationShip Web Marketing Communication Immage

Taking care of your garden in today's times is a very important fundamental thing, my infinite imaginary garden is called Web Marketing and to make a small or large idea work I use all the tools, tools, to decorate the image of a person or a company on the web, just like a humble farmer who works sweating his garden with quality products and the right tools and accessories.
Here we do just that with passion dedication speed love and excellent prices and modalities of our services.We try with the minimum effort and investment to present you on the stage, the most important showcase of your business or idea or art Team.
Soon a big news, all our services that can be purchased directly from the site with excellent payment methods, follow our affiliate program.

                                                                                                               Carmelo Rizzo


Magic Life Experience

Family work experience, Real Estate Construction Sector, complete experience from Carpentry Masons BrickLayer,to Plants, Finishing and Marketing. 
Real Estate Marketing Manager

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Difficult Adventures have always fascinated Me, in my life I aimed first at Culture and then at Business ... 
"I Believe In"
Francesca Romana Perrotta

Salento Award Love Art

SalentoAmaLarte a wonderful experience of 2014 in collaboration with Giuseppe Serino and the then Mayor Vittorio Poti 'two important people of Melendugno now among the angels in heaven.They participated in the crazy and disorganized evening I went crazy I did everything for an excellent result, and so' it was watching the event at the Torre dell'Orso Amphitheater there were two thousand people, a real event all live and all real.I was elected for that event Man of the Year 2014 in my country and I was nicknamed King of Communication "I was so shocked that I was no longer able to take this challenging event in hand but one day I hope to resume, I am honored by the artists who participated in the evening: Maria Rosaria Cimafonte with all the dancers of Centro Studi Danza, Francesca Romana Perrotta Premio Lucio Battisti-Premio Fabrizio De Andre'-Musicultura, pairs of students of the very famous Masters of Ballet Stefano Brothers, the great teacher Katia Bianco who brought her students pianists, in short, thanks to all the Sponsors who stop me nero, that evening in Torre dell'Orso the UFOs also came to watch Salento Ama l'Arte live. I have a wonderful memory of that crazy event