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Hello and welcome to this page, the creation of a site does not fall within that circle of professional supplies that can be quantified "by the piece".However, the realization times have a certain weight in the final estimate.Above all, it is necessary to evaluate the professionalism and skills of each Web Marketing Agency and Freelance.Quite simply there are people who are faster at producing graphic layouts and coding lines of code and others that are slower.What must be expected from the customer is above all quality. Unfortunately, putting a value on quality isn't that easy.First of all we have to make a distinction. There are customers who have a clear idea of ​​what they want to achieve.Others instead who want to rely entirely on the professional. They seek in him a valid guide to identify together the objectives and aims of the project.In the first case, the professional also works alongside the client as a consultant to guide him on the correct strategies to be implemented.A result is never obtained without a suitable strategy ...In the second case, the professional will have to carry out a preventive diagnosis of the customer's activity, of his product or service, of the market on which he must be located,Subsequently it will share with the Client an action strategy to attack the reference market and gain access to the site.As it is easy to understand, the work is much more complex in the second case than in the first.In both situations, it is advisable that the customer does not immediately express a desire to keep costs down. Often web agencies, in order to grab the client, agree to work at low cost, producing work of equally low quality.I'm not just talking about results in terms of design, I'm mostly talking about sites that work to help the company grow, both in terms of image, brand and turnover.I repeat this in even clearer words. Defining your project as “something simple” can have negative effects.The freelance or web agency, who will have to do the work, will protect himself from any bleeding in terms of excessive commitment, attention, skills.A website represents the image of a company in front of millions of potential customers. It can be simple, but above all it must be effective.It is therefore advisable that the customer's priority is to obtain a highly efficient product and not to save on production costs.A few hundred euros of difference does not affect the company balance sheet, especially if it allows a strong increase in profits.

Here, then, are the essential elements to evaluate that the cost of a website is reasonable.

The site must:
-Be oriented by a strategy aimed at increasing company profits.
- Be built to be dominant over the competition.
-Be made to respond to searches from potential visitors.
- Be configured to convert visits into useful contacts.
- Be in line with industry design trends.
- Provide impeccable performance in terms of speed and reliability.
-Be compliant with W3C standards and compatible with all browsers.
- Be usable from any type of terminal, including the Smartphone.
 -Prove rich in features aimed at your target users.
- Dialogue with search engines.
- Share marketing elements with the most important media and social networks.
-Offer easy management of updates.
 Monitor and collect access data.
Buying a Ferrari or a Panda?
The important is be aware of what you buy
At this point an important question arises: the objectives.If you want to reach 300 km / h, opting for a Panda would certainly not be a happy choice. The money invested, even if small, would be thrown to the wind.The same simple inexorable rule also applies to websites, everything is whether you want a Ferrari or a Panda.

Let's move on to the costs of the Basic Site:
Showcase site from 6/7 pages at 949,00 pound
Features: 1 Domain included

7 Pages

Compatibility with mobile systems
Optimized for search engines

5 mailboxes of 1 Giga
Anti virus and Antispam
DNS management Image and text slider

Management of images and videos

Contact form Newsletter

Redirect SSL security certificate


login Integration and connection with Social Natwork
Reset and reset
Debugging tools
Graphic arrangement of images and photos included.
The contents will be provided by the Customer with our Team if there is a need will intervene to improve them.
Terms of payment:
Special Price £999.00

30% advance on order £ 250.00  + VAT
Remaining £699.00 + VAT payable without financing in 18 installments
of £39.00 + VAT each.

When looking for savings at all costs, you can't expect much.

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