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A great collaboration between Umberto Bruno and Maestro Luca Zampetti from Tolentino Marchiggiano in the Province of Macerata. Together they brought the top of Italian Cinema into fashion with the "Once Upon Time Sergio Leone" collection with beautiful images from the films of the same director "C 'once upon a time in the West "and" once upon a time in America "two masterpieces of Italian Spaghetti Western cinema known all over the world.
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My dream is to become a bricklayer for now I continue to be a laborer ... malta malta malta mac mac mac joint shabol forklift ...

La Bibita preferita dallo Zio Umberto sapete qual'e'?


Click on the image To learn about the history of the Zio Umberto S.p.A. drink. At the beginning of 2021 we are giving you this nice story from MadeInItaly

With this cartoon starts my First New Year's Eve in Didcot, four months after my departure on 7 September, positive balance, I took great steps step by step. I really like this country and I wanted to thank for welcoming me. A greeting to All Citizens English and to the very nice Queen Elizabeth. # ViAuguroATuttiFeliceAnnoNuovo # HappyNewYearToEveryOne # Umberto Bruno SpA Italy 
#IndependentBrandMadeInItaly #HappyNewYear2021QueenElisabeth
#Umberto Bruno S.p.A. Italia
#GodSaveTheQueenElisabeth #HappyNewYear2021QueenElisabeth                                                                                                                            

Aura May Fair

That 25 May 2014 
London Green Park "Aura Club" 

That Tricolor Baffetto aroused so much interest that S.p.A. he was invited to the British capital in the most important Club of the City which previously had hosted Madonna, Rhianna, Jay Z and all the London Star System. This event was wanted by Mr. Franco Carta who organized everything, he also brought as guests that evening , Ashleigh K, Poni and rapper Cream.
It was a record-breaking evening, the local Uncle Umberto made many new acquaintances, but above all given the resounding success of the evening, he realized something that made him look forward and never behind.
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The Presentation in the Great Club

Quella volta a Londra che lo Zio Adelmo Fornaciari,prese al volo il Baffetto Italiano e concluse il concerto cosi' grazie Sugar.❤


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Teatro London Albert Hall.London.


Facts A video using these new two words, singing and dancing, send to info @, the most beautiful will be sold and published on our social channels. 
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I spent my First New Year's Eve in Didcot with some wonderful people it was a mix Brazil Italy the kind ladies had brought some very good superlative dishes, the most beautiful thing about this country is that you know different cultures all the time in short I will carry forever in me the memory of #AnItalianAtDidcot

From a small and beautiful village in Southern Italy Melendugno, Lecce, Salento to Millionaire the most widely read business and franchising monthly in Italy. S.p.A. Italy

Good morning or goodnight I do not know where you are reading from I owe a lot to this magazine I have been reading it for at least ten years it tells of stories and impossible feats that were finally created for real, I was honored with a review on their famous column #Italiacheriparte in February 2020 thanks to that article the ways of business have opened, I have never given up in the ten years of stories of Baffi and Made in Italy that I have told with events, evenings and parties but in difficult moments reading this newspaper I have always opened my mind I won't dwell on some projects but it was just to tell you that in the package I received days ago there was also Millionaire. I recommend reading this magazine to all fans, it will open your mind and you will read beautiful stories.

#italiacheriparte #madeinitaly


Grazie Millionaire 
Thank You Millionaire


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Premio Giovani e Barocco alla Top Collection,Lecce Anfiteatro Piazza Sant'Oronzo

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